Boulder Barbona

A post Saints Row 2 Recruit, also a formor heavyweight champion


Boulder is the son of the world famous African-American boxer,Huxley “Starcall” Barboa. Boulder was surrounded by boxing his whole life. He traveled with his father while his father was traveling the boxing circuit. Boulder was trained by his dad and other boxers on how to fight in the ring. Boxing was in Boulder’s blood and it showed. At 18 years old, Boxer was standing at 6’4" and at 240 pounds of pure muscle. He was six inches taller than his dad and 60 pounds heavier.

Boulder’s boxing style was not at all like his father’s. Huxley’s boxing style was loose and fluid. On the other hand, Boulder’s boxing style was very stoic and stiff. Boulder seemed more like a mountain while boxing: very difficult to move and doesn’t take much damage.

Boulder joined the boxing world at 18. During that year, his dad, fought against the man known as the “Red Rocket.” Boulder’s father died in the ring facing “Red Rocket.” Boulder vowed to get revenge. For two years, Boulder fought his way up the ranks. He became famous very quickly.

Boulder ended up having a friendly rival with another boxer named Mike “Steamboat” Williams. Mike is an African-American born in Mississippi, right on the Mississippi River.

In 1984, Mike and Boulder fought their “epic” fight and Boulder won on the 12th round. Mike couldn’t keep up the steam. The next match would be pit the 20 year old Boulder against his father’s killer.

The match between Boulder and Rocket was two round fight. Red Rocket tried to make match end with his deadly “Red Killer” combo that he used on Huxley, but Boulder’s stamina and strength allowed Boulder to live through the attack. Boulder was badly damaged, his face was beaten, he was sure his jaw was broken, and his right eye was swollen. Boulder’s body was also beaten and he might have had a few ribs broken. Boulder was determined to finish this. Between the two rounds, Boulder but on his father’s boxing gloves. On the second round, Boulder fought like his dad. Boulder ended up knocking out Rocket with one of his father’s famous “Meteor Storm” combo. The damage actually caused internal bleeding to Red Rocket. Red Rocket died a hospital that night.

Even though Boulder had avenged his father and became World Champion, his boxing career was over. The damage his body taken was enough to be on medical leave for almost a whole year. During that time, Boulder blew through all of his money from Boxing. Boulder was lucky enough to have owned a home outright, so he wasn’t homeless.

Boulder ended up doing speeches for a living. He also started in a few movies making cameo appearances. Boulder made sure to keep up his physique, since it was his money maker. Boulder made a nice living for himself for 20 years. In the 2000s, Boulder took up small bouncer and security guard jobs. His size and skills (and at times, his fame) made him a great guard.

After the events of Saints Row 2, Boulder found himself being a bouncer at a strip club in Stilwater, Michigan. The night he was working, he came across The Boss of the Third Street Saints. The Boss recognized Boulder and hired him.

Boulder learned about how the gang life worked. Boulder rather enjoyed the family atmosphere the Saints provided.

Boulder was one of the two lieutenants who join the players in Orlando, Florida. Boulder was killed in a raid on July 9th, 2014.

Boulder is a mellow, easy going man. He enjoyed partaking in food, drink, women, and watching older boxing matches. He kept a library of VHS tapes of him and his dad.

Boulder is also a very serious guy when it comes to jobs. He has no problem punching through problems if it will finish the job.

Boulder Barbona

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