Cain Babil

A bodyguard of Harry Styne


Cain is a striker type of character who uses a mixture of melee weapon and guns. Cain relies on his Halberd primarily. If Cain cannot use his halberd, he will use guns.

Cain has a group bonus.

Cain’s current character sheet as of November 28, 2014.


Cain and his brother Abel were raised in Orlando. They grew up in a Catholic household. The parents though it would be interesting to name their children after the first children of the Bible.

Cain grew up on athletics and motorcycles. He gets a thrill from riding his motorcycle, parkour, and fighting. Cain taught himself how to use melee pole-arm weapons.

A year before the game, Cain joined the Orange Church as a bodyguard and youth pastor. Cain was not very good at teaching children. Cain was really good at being the body guard for Father Harry Styne.

Cain had Abel join the church six months later… something Cain now regrets.

During the July 9th Raid, Abel was killed and Cain blames himself for the death.

Cain Babil

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