Harry Styne

An old preacher with a complex past...


Harry Styne is not a combatant. Instead, Harry relies on oratory skills instead.

Harry Has a Gang Bonus and a Group Bonus.

The Gang Bonus gives a 50% discount at all Forgive and Forgets.

The Group Bonus treats all Enmity with other gangs and the police as neutral while in the presence of Harry. The Group Bonus only works if no hostile actions are taken between different groups.


Early Life
Harry Styne was borne on December 31st, 1944. Harry was born to John Styne and Mary Styne. Harry was an only child. The Styne family lived in Adams, Nebraska a town with fewer than 600 people.

Harry’s father worked on railroad and rail car maintenance. Harry learned how to work on the railroad through his father. His mother taught him Spanish. They were church going people and went at least twice a week.

At 16, Harry dropped out of high school and decided to work on the rail roads. He worked doing maintenance on railroad cars that would ship crops.

Reverend Styne
In 1961, at the age of 18, Harry was drafted and sent to Vietnam. In Vietnam, during one battle, the unit Harry was in was ambushed by Vietcong tunnelers. Harry was the only one to survive. He came back to US Camp as a hero. Harry was shipped to Europe to receive medical care. After receiving the medical care, Harry was shipped back to Vietnam. Instead of fighting, Harry was more of an instructor and clergyman. Harry, never receiving legitimate clergyman training, but his upbringing in Adams gave him the real life training that most clergyman. Jokingly, the other troops started calling him “Reverend Styne.”

At the tail end of 1963, Harry was sent back home. He got a job in Lincoln being the head mechanic at railroad company there. In Lincoln, Harry married Olivia Jones. A year after they married, Olivia gave birth to a daughter, Anna.

From Lincoln to Miami
In 1966, the FBI came into contact with Harry and requested he work as an informant. They wanted a man who seemed compassionate and could work with his hands. Harry agreed and Harry left Lincoln. Olivia and Anna moved to Adams.

From May of 1966 to July of 1970, Harry posed as a traveling protestant clergyman in Miami, FL. The goal was to see if there were any Cuban/Russian tied communist cells in Miami. Harry would get chances to see his wife and daughter, though not as much as he would like.

In July of 1970 (now at 26 years old), Harry went home to Adams to live with his wife and daughter. The local high school requested Harry to be an instructor at the high school. They were looking for a shop teacher and Harry, the local village hero would fit the bill. Harry agreed and taught shop for 7 years.

First Time Dealing with Gangs
In June of 1977 (now at 33 years of age), the FBI requested for Harry to move him and his family to Phoenix, Arizona. The FBI would be requesting Harry to infiltrate one of the drug gangs and act within their interest. Harry’s family would be located in an area far from the activity. Harry agreed, but only if that if Harry were to be killed in the line of duty his wife and daughter would keep the benefits he would be getting from the government. The FBI agreed.

Harry was able to easily access the gangs using his reverend motif. He acted as a preacher during the day, and a keeper of the “poor” during the night at his church. The “poor” being gang members or enslaved drug smugglers.

Harry played this role for 7 years. He was able to keep sending information to the FBI while at the same time, pretending to help with the gang. To make himself more credible with the gang, he help stage a raid on a local prison to free some gang members, which he did take in part of.

Forky Musician Incident
In his last year of being an informant, Harry’s light at the end of the tunnel was not bright and white, instead it shown with great redness. His daughter, Anna, was dating a struggling musician named Gilbert. Harry did not want his daughter to date someone without other goals in life. He did not trust Gilbert and tried his best to keep the two separate. One night, unfortunately, he couldn’t keep them separate…

The night of the incident, Harry was meeting two other informants and an FBI agent to exchange information. They met in a secret location near a water pump station that was deemed “neutral” by the gangs. On the way back to their respective gangs, Harry saw the headquarters of his gang up in flames. Harry rushed alone towards the base, bu he was stopped by Army rangers who were trying to stop people from seeing what is going on up close.

The rangers and Harry heard quick successions of gunfire, followed by a large explosion. The areas around the fire were ablaze. Harry revealed his credentials to the rangers and the rangers agreed to escort him to the site. The goal was to use Harry as bait to lure any fleeing gang members into the rangers hands. Harry entered a local record store that is on the same block as the headquarters. He noticed bullet holes and shattered glass from ammunition impact. Inside the store, he saw Anna, dead on the ground, and Gilbert weeping over her body.

Understandably and very enrage Harry tackled Gilbert and started to beat him. Gilbert tried to protest, saying it wasn’t his fault, but Harry was not having any of that. Between throwing punches, Harry cursed a Gilbert, blaming him for Anna’s death. At one point, he called Gilbert a Forky Musician!.

The rangers ran in and pulled Harry off of Gilbert. They restrained Harry and forced him to calm down. They informed Harry that Gilbert was the last name of the boy. His real name is Rod Gilbert, the son of Jack Gilbert of Zero Corporation. The rangers took Rod and they left for safer ground.

A few days after the incident, the FBI let Harry go. All he has done had been successful. The FBI told Harry they would no longer need him for the time being. Harry met Jack Gilbert and Jack agreed to settle with Harry on the matter of Anna.

From 1977 until 2013
Harry and Olivia moved back to Adams. They tried for another baby, but failed. Harry went back to teaching shop class at the local high school.

In 2010, Harry and Olivia moved to Orlando to retire. There were some friends down in Orlando from Harry’s information days in Miami. A year later, Olivia passed away.

In 2013 Harry was asked by his ex-informant buddies to be a consult to three gangs. Harry, having nothing else left to lose, decided to do it, on the ground that there will be neutral territory and that he will need to be funded by the gangs to this.

In May of 2013, Harry became “Father Harry” and preached during the day and consulted during the night. His consultation help create the Contract.

Harry Styne

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