Johnny Gat

The Boss's closest friend and leutentant of the 3rd Street Saints


Johnny Gat is a high strength, endurance, and dexterity type character. Johnny is also a big lover of Firearms, more so than The Boss. Johnny is also not afraid to get his hands dirty, he has even buried people alive.

At the moment, it is not known if Johnny Gat has any Gang or Group bonuses.

Game Purposes
For the purpose of the game, Johnny is will be an NPC who will not be directly involved with the players. Instead, Johnny will assist the players through supplies and firearms.


Johnny Gat is top of lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints and is 2nd in charge of the gang. Johnny is a close friend to The Boss, more like akin to siblings.

Johnny is a quick to action, guns at the ready type of person that is very similar to The Boss. Johnny had a long history of the Saints, starting back since Saints Row 1.

Johnny Gat

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