Pierce Washington

Pierce is a top lieutenant of the Saints and a "tactitian" of sorts


Pierce does not have any game impacting stats.

It is not known if Pierce has any Group Bonuses or Gang Bonuses


Pierce Washington is a top lieutenant of the Saints. Despite his “gang banger” look, Pierce is one of the few top lieutenants that tries to think of tactful ways to get to a solution instead of running in without a plan. Pierce enjoys playing chess and plays it often on his downtime.

As a running joke in the Saints Row series, Pierce is the punching bag of the NPCs that surrounds The Boss. His strategies get ignored, his ideas end up being credited to other people, the police do not take him seriously or they don’t remember him, etc. Though, Pierce seems to move on like nothing happens. The Boss is very appreciative of Pierce and does know how much he contributes to the group.

Pierce Washington

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