Shaundi is a top leiutenant in the 3rd Street Saints


She does not have any game effecting stats.

Is is not known if she has a Group Bonus or Gang Bonus.

Game Purposes
Shaundi’s main game strength will be networking. Her history with sleeping around had her acquired many friends around the country.


Shaundi is a top lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints. Shaundi is the computer expert for the gang during Saints Row 2. Shaundi is known for her sexual activity that has helped the Saints gain information. Shaundi is also known for her many druggie friends. This networking helped the Saints bring down the Sons of Samedi in Saints Row 2.

Personality wise, Shaundi seems a bit naive when out of her element, but when she is in her element, she is in charge. Shaundi is average with firearms and not very good on the melee combat front. Her lack of combat skills has lead her to be caught many times in the Saints Row series.

During this time (between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3), Shaundi has matured some physically and mentally. She is trying to cut back on the drugs, since it is getting in the way of work.


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