The Boss

The Leader for the Third Street Saints


For the purpose of the Saints Row 2.5: Orlando game, the Boss is an “it.” If you were to ask the Boss’s gender, the answer is “Yes.” If you were to ask the Boss’s race, the answer would be “Yes.” The Boss in the Saints Rows games is custom, so the player could make the Boss a White Male, Hispanic Female, Black Male, Asian Male, Asian Female, Zombie Male, etc. The Boss will not speak unless it is through some kind of medium (for example, a busted voicebox on a riot suite). The player will need to imagine what the boss looks like.

Game Stats
The Boss have very high physical oriented stats. The boss also seems to have a high presence and intimidation. The Boss also loves Firearms and tends to keep a “few” around each place the Boss occupies. All weapons the Boss owns seem to have some wear-and-tear as well as blood stains.

The Boss has two Gang Bonuses that only work within presence of allies. These bonuses are “Saints Flow” and “Not Another Carlos.”


Residing in Stilwater, Michigan, the Boss is the leader of the Third Street Saints.

The Boss’s history is a rough one with many backstabbings, killings, murders, and explosions. The boss ran up the ranks in Saints Row 1 and restablished the gang in Saints Row 2. In Saints Row 3, the Boss took over the city of Steel Port, Michigan. In Saints Row 4, the Boss became president of the US, been abducted by aliens, and destroyed said aliens.

The Boss is a hot headed, quick to act, trigger happy mad-person. The Boss is viewed by many to be fearless and is willing to do anything to protect the it’s friends. The boss has no problem taking a bullet for a friend as long as the Boss is giving a bullet back at the perpetrator.

The Boss views the Saints as a family. The Boss’s close friend, Johnny Gat, I like a brother to the Boss.

The Boss is also a hands on leader and will join in on any gang activity.

The Boss

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