Walter Nebay

A post Saints Row 2 Recruit also very money oriented


Water has no game oriented stats.



Walter was born in 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. Walter was raised in a household of 3 other siblings. Walter was brought up with strict Jewish customs. Walter was the “star” child of the the four kids in the Horswitz household. Walter always had high grades in school. Walter also volunteered in homeless shelters and enjoyed hearing the stories of the people who stayed there.

Walter was not the athletic type in the family. He did not participate in sports like his two older brothers did. Walter favored things like the chess club while in high school

Walter attended New York University and acquired a bachelor’s in Finance. He met the love of his life, Martha Yu, a Japanese-American. The two go married the day after both of them graduated. This was an unusual move for Walter, as he was always the cautious type. Both sets of parents were surprised, though understandable (it was always hard for Walter to date).

Walter moved to Houston, Texas to work at Enron. Martha’s family had been investing in Enron stock and Martha’s family thought it would be a good idea work there.

Walter and Martha wanted to have children, but decided to wait until they were financially secure to have children.

That never happened.

2001 was not the year for Walter. He found out his wife was cheating on him with a more “manly” Jewish accountant. 2001 was also the year that Enron had its scandal and Walter lost his job. Soon after his wife divorced him, taking “half”, of course. Walter was smart enough for all of these years to have a separate, hidden account under the surname of Nebay.

Walter left Texas for greener pastures, only to find out his work history at Enron was preventing him form getting any solid jobs.

Walter ended up getting a job in Ultor, a clothing company in Stilwater, Michigan. Walter used the Nebay surname instead of his real surname to help him land the job. He also completely lied about his history and even had his family get in on the lie.

Walter kept his head down for years, trying to ignore the military like security the company had. Walter also got used to living in the gang controlled Stilwater.

After the events of Saints Row 2, Walter thought he would be out of a job again, but the Saints took him in as they needed a finance person to help run some of the aspects of the gang. In return, Walter ended up learning how to fight and learn how to pick up women. Walter gained confidence with his role in the gang.

Walter ended up being one of the two Lieutenants to join the players down in Orlando, Florida.

Walter ended up getting killed in a raid on July 9th, 2014.

Walter is every Jewish stereotype: nervous, nerdy, financially savvy, etc. Walter also had a sneaky side of him that allowed him to get through rough spots in his life. He used that sneakiness to hide money from his ex-wife and land the job at Ultor.

Walter was not a fighter, but could fight if he had no other options.

Walter Nebay

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