Characters for the Saints Row 2.5: Orlando Game

This game will be using official Saints Rows characters as well as characters unique to the game. The page will have the characters divided into three categories: Official Game Saints, Post Saints Row 2 Saints, and Freshly Recruited Saints, and Other.

Please note: in some of the character profiles have links to other sites with more information. This includes links to the official Saints Row wiki.

Official Game Saints
Official Game Saints are official Saint Row Characters from the Saint Rows series of games that have placed into this game. These characters are:
The Boss
Johnny Gat
Pierce Washington

Post Saints Row 2 Saints
Post Saints Row 2 Saints are characters that have been recruited into the Saints post Saints Row 2. These characters are not official Saints Row Characters, but these characters are created for this game. These characters are:
Boulder Barbona
Walter Nebay
All Player Characters

Freshly Recruited Saints
Freshly Recruited Saints are Saints that have been recruited during the course of the game. This is a working list. These characters are:
Harry Styne
Cain Babil
Dang Yu
Jim the Internet Imperial

Other characters are characters who do not fit into any of the above categories. These characters are:
Red Rocket
Aaron the Car Guy


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