Cohete de Bolsillo


Cohete de Bolisillo (rough translation “Rocket of Pocket”) is a gang in Orlando, FL. Cohete de Bolsillo is a gang that deals in weapons and drug smuggling. They also dabble every-once-in-a-while in blackmail. The Cohete de Bolsillo rather stick to specializing in a few things than spreading their attention on other efforts.

The main ethnicity of the gang is 90% Puerto Rican with a smattering of other races.

Gang Color: Atomic Tangerine
Gang Symbol


Cohete de Bolsillo in a Orlando is a branch from the main Puerto Rican gang. The Orlando chapter focuses on weapons and drug smuggling.

The gang became fully established and set up in Orlando in 2008. The gang was able to get a few of their own in the TSA and those people help set up the anchor the gang needed to set up Orlando.

The “founder” of the Orlando branch is Hernandez DeSoto. Hernandez has been a member of the main gang for 20 years. Hernandez had undertaken dangerous missions for the gang would killed even the toughest Seal Team member. Hernandez was placed in charge of the Orlando Branch because of his leadership skills, his survival, and not having a problem of killing weaker links in the gang.

The gang has several fronts. Many of these fronts include auto repair. The fronts are used to to sell weapons and drugs. These goods are usually stuffed into seats, car paneling, and other hiding places within autos.

Units and Vehicles

Cohete de Bolsillo tend to use guns and explosives to fight with. What they lack up in tactics, they make up in firepower.

1 Dot; Grunts: Basic units all gangs have
2 Dots; Shockers: This unit is a support unit (and the only unit like this for this gang). Shockers use smoke bombs, fireworks, or other means of stunning or hampering opponents.
3 Dots; Wild Men: Wild Men is a mixed combat styled unit. Wild Men use both melee weapons and ranged weapons to be the most effective. Wild Men are also the most armored unit within the gang.
4 Dots; Mushroom Makers: The strongest Unit in the gang, Mushroom Makers use artillery and heavy weaponry to destroy their enemies.

Chevrolet Nova
Ford F150
Inak Armored Car

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Cohete de Bolsillo

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