The Cleaners


The Cleaners is a gang in Orlando, FL. The Cleaners main gang is money laundering (hence the name of the gang). The gang has one dipped into weapons smuggling, human trafficking, black male, and drug processing and trade.
The Gang is ran by Vietnamese immigrants.

Gang Color: Cyan
Gang Logo


The Cleaners was set up in the 1990s by the daughter of a Vietnamese mother and an white American father. The father was an American soldier in the Vietnam War.

The founder of the gang also had her best friend, Phá¡m ThÃy Nhi join her in establishing the gang. Phá¡m ThÃy Nhi is a Vietnamese immigrant and cousin to the gang founder.

The Cleaners started as a dry cleaning service. The two ladies would steal customer’s money, identities, and other loose items left in clothing that were going to be dry cleaned. The two ladies made enough money from their efficient cleaning services and from theft, they ended up hiring immigrant Vietnamese to work at the dry cleaning. The two opened up several other dry cleaners in key locations.

In 1993, the founder was killed by alcohol poisoning. She was celebrating from opening her latest cleaning business and drank herself to death… at least according to the Police Report. What was omitted from the Police Report was that Phá¡m ThÃy Nhi spiked the founder’s drinks. Phá¡m ThÃy Nhi was given 100% ownership of the gang upon the death of the founder.

Phá¡m ThÃy Nhi took the gang and over timed, shaped the gang into an actual gang. During the day, the gang would run their businesses during the day, and do illegal actives at night.

The illegal activities performed by the gang allowed the gang to acquire more territory through purchasing businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and salons.

Units and Vehicles

The Cleaners have unique units that fit the theme of the gang. The Cleaners tend to use a mix of melee and ranged weapons in combat. The gang also uses units that deal in siege situations such as tunneling under buildings or skulking through alleyways.

Units: Enmity Level
1 Dot; Basic Grunts that every gang has
2 Dots; Vietcong Skulker: Skulkers sneak through alleyways and use shadows for cover. Skulkers tend to use melee weapons to attack with. They are proficient with bladed weapons.
3 Dots; Vietcong Apache: Apaches are ranged weapon users. Apache train to use cover efficiently while they snipe their targets from afar.
4 Dots; Vietcong Tunneler: Tunnelers are the strongest of The Cleaner’s units. Tunnelers are used mainly in sieging buildings. The Tunnelers use a mix of melee and range weapons.

1988 Toyota Pickup
2014 Nissan NV1500 (Van)
Kia Rio

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The Cleaners

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